The nature and composition of cosmetic products have been evolving over the years with a focus on providing the best skin care properties. Essentially, the best skin care products are not just supposed to make the skin look youthful and more appealing but should also keep the skin healthier for longer. With most skin care products from the past having been found to contain harmful or ineffective synthetic ingredients, consumers have been shifting their focus to natural products that offer better results without negatively affecting the skin’s health. Stem cell therapy is one of the recent developments in the cosmetic industry meant to provide consumers with healthy and natural skin care alternatives.

Stem cell therapy, even in its early stages of development has been providing exciting reports in the field of skin care. Stem cells are present in both animals and humans. They are different from other cells in that they can become any type of cell in either plants or animals. The cells created by stem cells also have the capability to regenerate and create new cells. It is this regenerative property that makes them so important in skin care. Through stem cell therapy, it is thought that skin cells with regenerative properties can be created to keep the skin young and healthy even with age.

Below we will look at some of the main aspects making stem cell therapy so exciting in the cosmetics industry.



When it comes to your skin, antioxidants are important in keeping it healthy and looking great. Antioxidants are vital in dealing with free radicals in the skin. These free radicals are chemical particles that can bond with the proteins in the body causing oxidation, or what is commonly referred to as chemical burning. This may result into compounds that harm the skin or body. Plant-based antioxidants introduced in the skin through using cosmetic products created as a result of plant-based stem cell therapy offer antioxidant capabilities that neutralize these free radicals.


As we age, the stem cells in the skin are continuously decreasing, however, stem cell therapy has been used to enhance the health of these stem cells so as to keep them active for longer. Peptides are derived from plants through stem cell therapy and specifically used for this purpose. Peptides are derived from plant stem cells where their purpose is to keep the stem cells healthy since plant and animal stem cell operate more or less in the same way; it is advanced that they can offer the same to skin stem cells.


Although there is limited research on stem cell therapy at present, the available information is quite promising especially for the cosmetics industry as well as consumers looking for effective and reliable skin care products.