Stem cell treatment has been proven to be beneficial and sometimes cure for diseases in a way we never thought were possible.  Today stem cells have been incorporated in skin care products claiming to give us optimum results.  Some says it does offer a younger looking skin while others are saying that it does not even give you a visible result.   But there are things that you must remember about stem cells in cosmetics.


Stem cells in cosmetics

may or may not contain a plant stem cell or a human stem cell.  In a case of human stem cell, they are extracted from unfertilized eggs.  On the other hand, plant stem cells are derived from rice, melons and sometimes apples.  Plant stem cells will not be able to stimulate stem cells in our skin, but their antioxidant properties are beneficial to our skin.  However there are cosmetics companies that are claiming that they were able to extract peptides and other components out of the plant stem cells and stabilize them to be able to work as stem cells in cosmetics.  This process will allow the plant stem cells to affect the stem cells that can naturally be found in the human skin.  But some experts are claiming that it won’t be possible to extract peptides and make them stable since stem cells need to be complete to function.  A study is being conducted on how peptides can influence our skin, but this thing has yet to be explored.

Both plant and human stem cells function similarly.  They both act in a way that they will be able to sustain their growth and do a reparative therapy on a human tissue.  Unlike other cells, stem cells can create copies of themselves for a long time.  Stem cells in cosmetics are believed to give us a more vibrant skin since stem cells can repair the damaged tissue.


Stem cells in cosmetics contain growth factor and protein.  The growth factor is essential for the birth of the new cell and for producing enough elastin and collagen.  Protein acts as a regulator for the division of the stem-cell.  These two components are believed to minimize the wrinkles and thin lines and other signs of aging.


Human stem cells are known to thicken the human skin, removing the wrinkles in the process. However, the plant stem cells in cosmetics are harnessed only for their antioxidants.  There is no definite study about the benefits of it as an anti-aging substance.


Also, do not forget to check the amount of stem cells present in the cosmetic product.  One must check the ingredients present in the label and check how much active substance was used.  The easier way to tell if there is a high amount of stem cell is that if it is written as the first product on the list.  If stem cells in cosmetic is located on the bottom of the list, chances are there is a minimum active ingredients present in the product that will not give us a great result.