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Stem Cells and Skin Regeneration

In most countries, injuries related to burn are considered as one of the cause of a high mortality rate.  When the integrity of the skin has been breached it can no longer protect us from water loss, infections, sudden changes in temperature, radiation, etc.  A person with skin burns usually had to undergo a long [...]

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Types of Stem Cells and Their Specific Features

Stem cells are the center of every tissue in your body. The body contains various types of stem cells, whose formation occurs at different times. Formation of some stem cells starts during embryo development while others start during adulthood. Importantly, researchers have paid close attention to stem cells, and they have made progress in stem [...]

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How are Stem Cells Harvested?

Stem cells have been proven to be beneficial for medical advances.  Different procedure has to be performed depending on their sources.  Human stem cells can be harvested in bone marrows, umbilical cord or the peripheral blood.   How are stem cells harvested in bone marrows? Based on study, stem cells found in our bone marrow [...]

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